Men's Fellowship

First PCC Men's Conference a Success
Men of Praise Christian Centre held their first ever Men's Conference on 5th March, 2011.

Men from PCC assemblies in Lusaka and other churches attended the one day meeting, whose organization was coordinated by Men's Fellowship Chairperson Elder Chifumbe Chansa. Speaking to the gathering, PCC presiding Bishop and Overseer Apostle Dr. Edgar Ng'ambi urged men to be ready to learn and not be proud. He urged men to stand up and lead the way in meeting needs in the church and people's lives. Below are some quotes from Bishop Ng'ambi's teaching: A good man sees needs and participates. Your relationship with God is what brings everything in your life. God never does anything without a reason. God made you as a man for a reason. When people look at your life they should praise God. Know as a man that you were made for God. All you do must make God happy. Keep time because God has a programme for every time.

Don't run with the crowds. It is personal. Even twins are born at different times. It is your personal decision to make God happy. Begin to live God's image in your life. Live confidently and unapologetically for Jesus. As a man, your first responsibility is relationship with God. This causes you to live right. The number one thing to look for is to know God. When you know Him you become strong. You should be a worshipper. To be the man that God wants you to be, you must pursue God. Love Him, Honour Him and serve Him the way you should. Don't seek things. Hunger for God. When you find God, you will find things. A man is a teacher in the house and in society. Building the church is a man's responsibility. It is not just building the structure but also serving by which you strengthen the church. Take your place and man the gates in order to protect your church.

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