Women's Fellowship

The Praise Christian Centre (PCC) Women's Ministry began in 1989 in Lusaka. It now comprises of women from all PCC branches within and outside Lusaka. At the time of its inception, the ministry was led by Prophetess Isabel Ng'ambi and the women only participated in church programmes. In 1992, the first leadership team for the women was appointed with Prophetess Isabel Ng'ambi as overseer.
Between 1994 and 1995, women began to organize meetings and various events within the church. During this period, women generally learnt both the word of God and general issues affecting them. The women's ministry grew larger by 1999 and to avoid inefficiency in operations, women within Lusaka were divided into four zones. These zones are Women of Glory, Women of Destiny, Women of Honour and Women of Integrity.
The PCC Women's Ministry has a vision to empower women to do the work of the ministry with excellence. For this reason, the women in each zone have adopted orphanages and needy homes where they offer support by providing foodstuffs, groceries, clothes, money and other needs.
The Women of Glory support Yasheni Drop in Centre in Chainda, Women of Destiny help Mother Theresa Hospital in Mtendere, the Women of Honour support Kondwa Orphanage in Ng'ombe while the Women of Integrity assist Mathew 25, a home for underprivileged children in Chilenje. The women, together with the entire church also take care of orphans and the underprivileged in church.
PCC women also hold camp meetings every year. These meetings started in 2005 and were held at NRDC in Lusaka for the first two years. The camp venue changed to PAIDESA in Kabwe in 2007 and the event made even more exciting thereby attracting good participation. Women pastors and speakers come from within PCC and are led by Prophetess Isabel Ng'ambi.

In 2008, the first Mothers Team was established and a Pastors' wives group began its own pastoral activities such as assembly preaching and visitations. This year, a new strategy in the Women's Ministry was birthed. An Executive Women's Board was formed. The objective of the board is to empower and impart knowledge on women in order for them to be more relevant in their communities. This will also help the women come up with ideas that will help in completion of the main PCC church. The board carries out more responsibilities to ensure that programmes are run smoothly. So far, two women seminars have been conducted where Prophetess Isabel Ng'ambi and Pastor Anna Moono ministered. One fundraising dinner was held on 23rd April, 2010.

Prophetess Isabel Ng'ambi's dream is to see the women's ministry get to a level where women groups and individuals will be able to run their own orphanages and other businesses as they excel.
"My desire is to raise donors within the church who will have the will and passion to help the underprivileged both in their communities and within the church," she said.
She also hopes to see the women of PCC open up a training centre where women can learn cookery, home decorating, gardening and other skills. She would like to see women become more practical alongside their faith. She also believes that God expects women as mothers to work hard and have a compassionate heart to give to the poor which is based on Proverbs 31: 19-20. Her heart is to empower women as individuals spiritually and practically so that they are able to stand on their own and become donors. Prophetess Isabel Ng'ambi's desire for the women in line with the vision of Praise Christian Centre which is to equip the saints that they may do the work of the ministry.

Praise Christian Centre Women Helping the Needy

Praise Christian Centre (PCC) women are very busy and active in many areas such as meeting the needs of people in the community and still desiring to do more. This comes as very pleasing news to Pastor Isabel Ng'ambi, wife of PCC Overseer Apostle Edgar Ng'ambi.
"These women have been a great blessing. I would like to encourage all PCC women to be a blessing to the community in various ways," she said.
Indeed, the women have chosen different ways of helping the poor and other vulnerable people in society. Among the many good works is the adoption by the Women of Glory of Yasheni Drop in Centre in Lusaka. The women take food and money to the centre to help children. Another example is the Women of Honour who are reaching out to the poor in Ng'ombe Compound by giving foodstuffs and clothing. At Matero PCC branch, the women have adopted a ward at Matero Clinic to which they make donations. Another group is the Women of Bed Rock branch who assist at Galamukani Center, an initiative to help the poor with material needs as well as teaching them skills.
Yet more work is being done by the Women of Integrity who assist with money and food to Mathew 25 Ministries of Chilenje, started by Ms. Inonge Nawa (fondly called Aunt Inonge). We also see similar good community work in the Women of Destiny who provide food stuffs to Mother Theresa Orphanage.
These are just a few examples of the many good works that PCC women are in involved in. It is very good to lend a helping hand to those in need.

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